Shoes go nude

The new trend in shoes, it seems, is nude, which basically means beige-ish and they are supposed to make your legs look as though they go on forever.

Nude shoes from LAMB

Nude shoes from LAMB

Celebrities have been seen sporting nude shoes on red carpets everywhere and they are being touted as the number one shoe obsession by fashion magazines the world over. But one woman is not so keen on nude shoes. Dodai ( writes that naming products, such as shoes, nude or flesh-coloured automatically alienates a rather important demographic – namely black people, or anyone who isn’t Caucasian. She mentions crayons that were “flesh” coloured until some bright spark changed the name to “peach”, as well as flesh-coloured plasters (band aids) that simply didn’t blend with her skin as it did with her rosy friends.

Times may have changed and Dodai may have grown up, but she’s never forgotten the hurt of realising that she didn’t conform to the archaic standards of long ago. The new nude shoes trend, she says will not make her legs look long because they don’t blend into her skin tone. It’s not the colour that she finds offensive – beige is never an offensive colour, not really – but the naming of the colour. Surely marketers ought to be more sensitive to the feelings of people who were not born pasty.

United Nude, however, has nothing whatsoever to do with beige, in fact you won’t find anything quite as run-of-the-mill as beige at United Nude at all. United Nude is a British shoe company that was co-founded by Dutch architect Rem D. Koolhaas. According to Yahoo!’s shopping site, the shoes “combine architecture and abstraction to elevate footwear to the level of art”, and they certainly are interesting.

I love these from the “Fold” line, which apparently is all about the “fluent movement of a single strip”.

These are cobalt and magenta.


From the “Sharpei” line we have magnificent green flame boots. Named after sharpei doges, the inside layer of the boot is independent of the outer layer, which is intentionally oversized.


Mono Janes are Mary Janes with a quirky difference, and I love them.



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